The discover of OpenArena

Welcome in this short website :) Hope you will found some usefull infos or at least enjoy the visit :P

0. Introduction :


Hey guys! This short site (5 sheets) is a sum up, with edit and some new things from

other nice sites you find about OpenArena, a free FPS wich is multiplayer oriented.

You know it, or at least you will discover it the communauty is quite small (a bit more

than 30 teams) but at same time it's nice because everyone know each other :)

And yeah we found lot of fun there ;) Alone or in a team you will discover lot of different

MODs (Free For All, Capture The Flag, Domination, Overload, Harvester, and more) but

also a lot of maps ! The better way to discover the game is sure to test it, and if you need

help for something just ask it in game, in the main OA forum or in a team forum ! ! !

                                                                                                                                                                                       (this video is made by /oan/gerbil)

                                                                                                          1. Warnings :


                                                                                                      As beginner in this game you will probabely think that some other players seem overpowered,  get more

                                                                                                      health than you or shoot harder. That is totally normal and the reasons are :

                                                                                                      > they have a config to get more personnal settings (size of crosshair, sensibility for each weapons,...)

                                                                                                       but also optimize connection and all things related !

                                                                                                      > they know lot things you still ignore (maps, items position, weapons utility, sounds of all, ways,...)

                (this video is made by /oan/gerbil)                            > and... they have TRAIN lot ! ! ! So don't worry about this, that is normal



2. How to become this 'overpowered' player ? :


> The first step is : to ask players or find infos to build the best config for you, your connection

and your personnal preferences is the first step (you can only few infos here but you will find all

you need in 'Links' section).

> The second step is : to discover items, weapons, maps, environements, moves, sounds,... and

things related to OpenArena (i think the most is here, about moves you need to look also some

defrag explanation in 'Links' section).

> The last step is : to TRAIN !!! And for this you will only find way to train in forum, but sure the

training is only in game ;) [and when i say in game, i mean not only playing, looking the best players

as spectators will sometimes give you more infos in some minutes that a training of several hours!]                                      (this video is made by /oan/gerbil)





3. Your teaching list/homeworks :


> 3.1 As a single player :

                                                                                                                                                               Learn to move :

                                                                                                            > Knowing how to move : Move everytime (even if u got powerups) you will become a more

                                                                                                              difficult target, zig-zag very quickly (usefull against railgun) and be unpredicatable (random moves).

                                                                                                               Learning the MOD defrag and all the tricks related (e.g strafes, rocket jumps, plasma climbs,...)

                                                                                                               and also for CTF, the best flag return way !

                                                                                                             > Knowing when to move : hide or evade in a ramdom direction while reloading, move slow and

                                                                                                                take time to aim when your enemy have shoot and need to reload (! reload time !). Trap your

                                                                                                                opponent, when he will necessarily take a predefined direction (! knowing maps, sounds and utility

                                                                                                                 of weapon)                                                                                                                                        

(this video is a Quake3 Defrag movie made by KOS)

Learn the map where you have to move :

  • Knowing where to move : 

> the basic objective is SPAWN somewhere, GEAR UP (gathering

weapons, health and armor), FIGHT, RESTOCK !

This basic steps are easy but require some important knowlegdes

if you want to get a good skill. We can cite some of them :


- Position of respawn points 
(use /kill to discover them)
[first spawn and respawn during the game can be

- Items existence and placement
(+ know the importance of each : (this video is the GoD|Ston3r one - to watch in 1080p ;))
taking the regeneration is more usefull than take the green mini-lifes)
,weapons availibility and their respawn (! timing).
- Environnement (pads, jumps, teleporter,...) and where they lead to but also...what sound they make! (! sound)

> you can most of the time know the position of your enemy :
- listening to footsteps (note that when you crouch or walk there
is no sound..
BUT at same time you become an easy target if somebody see you!), jumps, respawns, teleporter/pads and powerups sounds.
- predicting the way your enemy will took.

Understand the tools using to kill :
  • Knowing the technical advantages of each weapons to know wich is the best weapon for each situation
(reload time, direct damage and range of course...BUT also delayed/instant weapon and splash  damage/radius).

  • Knowing when to change weapon depending on opponent's remaining life : for this you need to know the 'hit pain sound' [an enemy produce when you shoot him 4 different sound depending of it's current health (0-24/25-49/50-74/75-200)]

 > 3.2 As a team member :
When u play as a team, you need at least to add two important things in the gameplay explained before :

> Communication & coordination : for this some tools can help you :
- say_team bind (e.g /bind 1 say_team i need help at base!)
- TeamSpeak, Mumble, Ventrilo and all another
software which
enables people to speak with one another over the Internet.

> Position and clear behaviour of each team mate : defense/attack,
 cover your mate or chasing the ennemy flag carrier,...

> Some team tricks to gain some speed : like rail/LG pushing,
(this video is from Event -O- Horizon team) rocket/grenade tricks, or using mines to gain more height while
jumping,... (btw. the video is only tricky oriented)


4. Credits & greetings:

This site is strongely inspired by :

> The GoD|website and wiki of course
(almost all from the private area)
[Greeting to all my mates :)].

> The OpenArena main forum and wiki.
> Some forums from other teams of the communauty
(thanks to them) mainly the Super,bots (special thanks)
 but also evil and RN|. ( - platform for gaming movies only!)
> The vindimy website[greeting to him!].
> Some work of John Carmack ;)

The biggest THANKS to : Neon_Knight for all the nice maps he has done (and especially for oasago2f9_god ;))
>>> Download the Neon_Knight Mappack <<<

A special THANKS to : /oan/ gerbil for all the videos he share with the communauty :)


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